Welcome to Keith Robbins Consulting

Keith Robbins Consulting works with principals and sales reps in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industries in the following activities:
  • Sales force recruitment and management (Directs and Reps); build entire sales force along with supporting services if required.

  • Principal identification, validation and introduction to potential new sales reps.

  • New Biz Development (NBD); construct the organization or work with existing sales teams; I can do NBD a fraction of the cost of in-house NBD; plus my process is focused, rigorous and disciplined; I never get distracted by the drama involved with existing customers; growth of new accounts is my only objective.

  • Customer relationship management and development.

  • Sales effectiveness improvement.

  • Sales personnel evaluation; compensation systems.
Specialties: Sales Rep Recruiting, Sales Management, New Account Development, Technical Support Consulting; Sales Compensation and Evaluation, Marketing Systems and Brand Development.

Email: info@keithrobbinsconsulting.com            Office: 912.472.4213            Cell: 404.593.8089