Keith Robbins Consulting works with PCB and EMS companies in:

    Sales Force Recruitment
    • Direct sales and independent manufacturers reps.
    • Recruited over 50 reps for my principals.
    • Will train and coach new sales reps on how to sell product or service.
    • Much less expensive than traditional recruiters.
    • 36 years' experience.
    • Hundreds of contacts.

    New Business Development (NBD)
    • Will work with new sales reps and/or existing sales organization.
    • I don't get distracted by daily issues with existing customers.
    • My methodology is proven successful.
    • Works with large and small operations.
    • $25MM in new bookings for small PCB operation over 7 years.
    • $80MM in new bookings in large domestic PCB operation over 10 years.
    • Method is rigorous, disciplined and I can do at a fraction of the cost of in-house NBD.
    • Existing sales and executive management are are constantly updated on progress.

       Customer Relationship Management and Development
    • I can help you develop and implement specific strategies to build stronger relationships with your best customers plus action plans to convert new customers to your best key customers in the future.

    Sales Effectiveness Improvement

    Sales Personnel Evaluation

    Compensation Systems Development

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